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Summer 2022
Hockey Off Season Training Program
17 weeks May 3rd to August 25th

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Offseason Training Program

Our offseason program is designed to help build the foundations of an elite hockey player. The Top Notch Hockey Development team specializes in on-ice skills development, strength training, power, speed & agility, injury prevention and nutrition. Using our knowledge and experience, we will help you develop and reach your full potential as an athlete. 


Each athlete will receive personalized plans based on a series of assessment and consultations and be grouped within their skill level and or age group. Each group will consist of 6 to 1 training ratio with our trainers. Program plans will enhance strength, explosivness, speed & agility, endurance, flexibility, recovery and nutrition. 

Our offseason training program has supported elite world junior athletes, AHL, ECHL, NCAA, Junior and AAA athletes.

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'Take Your Game To the Next Level'

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- Individual screening assessment
- 4 months of foundation building at TNHD
- 3 to 4 gym sessions a week

- 34 total sessions 
- Skills development
- edge work and skating mechanics 
- small area games
- Game like situations


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Our speed workouts are designed to help players develop a better first step by becoming more explosive and building the proper mechanics to become an elite skater. Developing an explosive and fast first step sets you apart from the competition to generate break away speed. 

Program Includes:
- 34 Track Sessions at Loyola in Mississauga
- Individual assessment and program building 
- Off ice testing to measure goals and development
- Video Mechanics breakdown 
- Explosive, speed & agility and endurance training



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Although it may not feel as significant as a rep on the ice or in the gym, athletes diet is as important of a  contributor to their ability to perform. 

Improving an athlete's diet will have a significant impact on their capacity to train, perform and recover to their maximum potential.

The overarching goal of the summer 2022 Nutrition plan will be to improve the athletes understanding of a healthy plate and overall diet.

The summer 2022 nutrition plan will consist of:
- General Principles package
-Individualized assessment and recommendations based on training schedule
-Bi-weekly informative newsletters

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