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Elite Drop-In Session Group
Elite Drop-In Sessions

Currently, our weekly drop-in skates are Mondays (10/11 boys) and Wednesdays (08/09 boys) at Meadowvale Four Rinks or Iceland/Paramount Mississauga. The sessions are designed for elite players to get in some extra work outside of their regular winter team schedule, and it will continue throughout the summer months. Focuses will be on individual skills, and we cap it at 12 players max (excluding goalies). Notification emails are sent out 5 days in advance of the scheduled skate and the cost to participate is $50 total. The Pro/College/Junior groups will take place during the summer months and is by invite only, but applications are welcome. If you would like to apply for the drop-in emailing list, please fill out the form below. Since the focus is mostly on forwards/defensemen, there is no charge for goalies to attend a skate.

Details and Pricing:

  • Mondays: 10/11 (boys)

  • Wednesdays: 08/09 (boys)

  • TBD (summer): Pro/College/Junior (men)

  • 7 ≤ players: 1 coach present, 1-2 goalies

  • 8 ≥ players: 2 coaches present, 1-2 goalies

  • $50/session

  • Goalies - free of charge

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