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Team/Association Development
Team/Association Development

The team development service is geared towards full winter teams and associations. If you are a coach, manager, or the director of hockey operations for an association and are looking for third-party development, please contact us. This service is extremely flexible, we will be in direct contact with coaches to come up with a plan according to their specific needs, and can put together full programs for entire associations. Access to goalie instructors, mindset coaches, nutritional coaches, and off-ice training instructors are also available per request. All of our personnel consist of instructors, coaches, and trainers from the professional/college/junior levels.

Details and Pricing:

  • All ages and levels

  • 1 instructor: $150 + HST/hr

  • 2 instructors: $200 + HST/hr

  • 2 teams (2-3 instructors): $250 + HST/hr

  • Specialized development (e.g. small surface shooting pads): $125 + HST/hr

  • Goalie instructor add-on: $110 + HST/hr

  • Mindset coaching: referral

  • Off-ice programs: referral

  • Nutritional coaching: referral

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