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Adam Bennet
Mindset Coach

Adam is a Georgetown, ON native with over 30 years of experience in the sports industry. He has dedicated his career to helping individuals excel in their athletic pursuits by unlocking their champion mindset through sports mental performance coaching. Adam was a first-round pick by the Chicago Blackhawks coming out of his junior career where he finished playing with the Sudbury Wolves (OHL). He would later move on to play for the Edmonton Oilers. After retiring in 1996, Adam became a certified Axiology Practitioner and an REBT Mindset Coach, with the aim to teach mental strength & peak performance strategies to athletes, teams, and corporations. Adam brings a unique blend of expertise and understanding to the domain of mindset coaching.

Player Career Path:

Minor Hockey AAA (OMHA) > OHL > Pro (NA)

Adam Bennet
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